SHA Wellness Clinic

A 360-degree Approach To Wellness In 5-Star Style
In the world of wellness retreats, The SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain is known for the sublime environment in which it hosts its integrated approach to the maximization of the wellness of the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies of their guests. 
The approach at SHA is not to simply achieve an optimal state of health for guests, but also for guests to learn how to maintain this optimal state. They do this through a combination of balanced nutrition, the latest in scientific medicine, and effective natural therapies which are used in combination to create a new lifestyle pattern for guests. 
SHA is known for the highest standards in all of their practices, although they are also a value-driven organization. Meaning, they are more than a mission at SHA–they are guided by principles in every part of their practice. These values are care, excellence, integrity, evolution and happiness and they are the driving force behind every part of the process at SHA. The resulting feeling sets it apart from other clinics of this type, which can sometimes feel cold or detached. 
SHA was founded by Alfredo Bataller Parietti who overcame years of medical issues through an integrated approach that placed a deep focus on nutrition. After experiencing complete healing, Parietti decided that he must bring this type of wellness to the world and founded the SHA Wellness Clinic. 
This integrated method which combines these modalities of nutrition, science, and natural therapies are aimed to enhance more than physical being. The SHA experience targets everything from preventative and healthy aging, to cognitive and emotional health, to wellbeing and inner balance, and physical performance. Advanced aesthetics are also on the docket at SHA because one of the clinic’s core beliefs is that physical appearance helps achieve balance between the body and the mind. 
There are 5 main programs at the clinic which are Rebalance, Detox, Optimal Weight, Healthy Aging, and Intensive/Optimal Weight and Advanced Detox. Guests choose which pathway is the best for their goals and are then prescribed a personalized plan that will help them achieve their what they have set out to do.  
The plans range from 4-21 days depending on the program, although, from those on the Journey team who have experienced these sorts of wellness retreats, it can be said the longer the stay, the better. This is because longer stays ensure long-term lifestyle changes and significant shifts in the health and well being of the body, mind and spirit.