An Introduction to Marche, Italy Via Casa Olivi

The Contemporary-Meets-Farmhouse Villa Sits Within Undiscovered Italy
Flooded with light, steeped with history, and rich with decadent simplicity, Casa Olivi in Italy’s Marche region is a protected farmhouse-style villa that has been smartly updated with a chic, contemporary love of design. This 5-bedroom property which sleeps 11 has retained its exterior farmhouse facade, but the interiors have been transformed with modernity through the work of Swiss architects, Markus Wespi and Jérôme de Meuron.
The Marche region in Italy is one of the more undiscovered areas in the country, which makes this villa all the more exclusive. This hidden gem of a region is situated not far from the coast of the Adriatic Sea and is known for its wines, walled villages, underground cities, and rolling hills. It’s the sort of place which doesn’t have tourist shops because it’s not a touristy place. This off-the-radar nature of this region allows for an utmost authentic Italian experience. Fun fact: this is the region where all the best Italian shoes are made, from Tod’s to Prada, and the factory outlets of these luxury Italian brands are just within distance of the villa. 
The views from the villa overlook the lush, green hills of the surrounding land and the building interiors–although contemporary–seem to follow suit with the organic nature of the area. The villa is finished in neutral tones which match the exterior colors, but the linear qualities to the interiors complement the outdoors through the nature of geometry. For example, the kitchen features a long, stainless steel, rectangular island whose long drawers create more layers of linear moments while the outdoor pool is a raised rectangle of white which is an outstanding natural shape against the landscape. 
While the region may be undiscovered, one is hardly stuck when ensconced within the walls of this property–indeed, there is much to experience. From boat rides, to exploring the countryside on horseback, to truffle hunting and mozzarella making–and let’s not forget the access to the Adriatic–Casa Olivi is the perfect backdrop for la dolce vita.