Meet Fasano Hotels

It’s one of the South America’s Most Refined Hospitality Brands
The Fasano family is four generations in hospitality. They started in Brazil in the restaurant industry and expanded into South America and New York with hotels and more restaurants. They grew their brand by setting the gold standard of hotels in their native Brazil through a distinct eye towards superior service and understated design. This detailed approach towards hospitality has earned them the reputation of being amongst the most refined hotels in the world.
Fasano is known for turning older buildings into smart, plush revivals which live in major anchors of the cities where they exist. For example, the Hotel San Fasano São Paulo was a 1940s style brick building in the historic Jardim Europa which the family conceived and restored over the course of a decade. The Fasano in Rio De Janeiro was a Phillippe Starck collaboration before Fasano took it over in 2017 and reimagined it as an amalgamation of their own Italian-Brazilian style with the architect’s own fingerprint. The latest in the Fasano brand is the private members club they established in the toniest section of New York–Fifth Avenue in the mid-60s. This property was a former blue-chip townhouse which Fasano transformed into an intimate, exclusive space for their members to indulge in the Fasano lifestyle. 

Where the Fasano truly excels is in the area of customer service. Their perspective on service employs a fine balance where the staff are attentive, yet at the same time, distant. Which is hardly to say they deliver poor service. Indeed, it is the opposite. They strive to give service with discretion and attend to customers in a way so they may feel completely ensconced, and relaxed, in privacy, yet at the same time always observed for even the slightest indication of need.
Through all of their expansion into the hotel business, Fasano has not forgotten their restaurant roots. Each of the Fasano hotel’s feature incredible dining options and the hotel’s Restaurante Fasano is considered one of Brazil’s finest Italian food establishments.