Explore Corfu’s Magic While at Olivar Suites Hotel

An All Suite Stay is the Perfect Place For this Island Stay
The island of Corfu in the Ionian Sea in Greece is lesser known than its more famous counterparts such as Mykonos but Corfu serves as much beauty and glamor as any other island. Known for a landscape that includes rugged mountains and stretches of shoreline that border an azure colored sea, Corfu also has the distinct cultural heritage of being ruled by the French, British and the Venetians. This history makes the island all that much more interesting to explore as its architecture includes two massive Venetian fortresses, labyrinthine medieval walkways and lanes, and an arcade constructed in the traditional French style.
The Olivar Suites hotel adds to the architectural conversation with their own modernist approach to design which connects the old world of Corfu to the new one. Renovated and reconstructed from an 18th century olive mill, the Olivar Suites has retained a nod to the original structure of the olive mill via one of its central buildings which holds the Olivbar, the property’s all day dining casual restaurant. With vaulted ceilings, an earth tone palette and furnishings that show hints of mid-century modern design it’s the farmhouse feel of the space which anchors the property. 
The rest of the Olivar Suites hotel, however, is unapologetically contemporary. It’s defined by sleek lines, modernist furniture, and a clean aesthetic that is experienced as soon as one enters the lobby. Although this modern design is executed with utmost warmth in terms of the softness of its color palette and elegant choices of art and furniture to complete its tie to the beauty of the landscape which surrounds it and its olive mill heritage. 
The specialities of this property go beyond its design, though. As the property’s name suggests, each of the hotel's 120 rooms are suites and each have their own private pool. It also boasts a beach front stretch so guests are never far from the water’s edge. There is also a world-class spa that specializes in treatments with a Greek twist such as massages which use Cretan olive oil or facials which incorporate black lava. 
When one wants to wander off-property, the nature of Corfu provides beautiful exploration for outdoors enthusiasts which includes places such as the preserved cedar forest of Lake Korisson. And because of the temperate year-round climate of Corfu, flowers blossom year round and the island is host to 36 different species of orchids. Also, the town of Corfu is just nearby. This cosmopolitan town is divided into the Old and New towns, the latter of which is a UNESCO world heritage site and considered one of the most beautiful village centers in all of Greece.