Casa Cook is the Hotel Brand for Dreamers

Laid-Back Luxury And Secluded Sanctuary For The Mind And Soul
While this small group of boutique hotels has only 5 properties–three of them are in Greece while the other two are in Egypt–Casa Cook’s eye towards interesting geography and its incorporation into its hotels stands as an example to this brand’s commitment to the extraordinary. 
All of the Casa Cook properties are an exercise in sublime delight; a dance between architecture and terrain. They are drenched with high-style and minimalist design which are woven together with earthy textures. Expect unexpected design ideas such as a sun bed laid upon a platform within a private pool at the Mykonos property. Or an asymmetric, geometric pool around which guest rooms are situated at the Samos, Greece property. Even the ode to light and shadows which define the design of the El Gouna property create a stunning effect for the eyes. 
It may sound slightly avant-garde, although what Casa Cook achieves is a delicate dance between elegance and elevation. All the features they imbue into their properties have been created with utmost thought and care so that guests enjoy a tranquil, yet, unique experience that incorporates the environment. From rocky jagged backdrops at the property at Rhodes, Greece, to the lush greenery of the property in Samos, Greece, there is a deep connection to what is outside so that guests are able enjoy all the sensations the exterior has to offer while staying at a property. 
Casa Cook takes pride in creating an environment that is laid-back and for people who they consider to be kindred spirits–those who look to connect to the architecture and take inspiration from the beauty of the landscape, whether mountain or sea. There is a softness to their approach and they pay attention to all the finer details. They look to hold guests in a cocoon of comfort in their rooms while also providing vibrant common areas. They seek to create a tribe which they describe as, “travelers, foodies, creators, soul-searchers, beach buffs, dreamers, dancers,” and more. Ultimately, Casa Cook looks to attract those who are looking for a deep experience from their travels. 
All of this can be summed up in one word which defines the entire value system of Casa Cook–parea. The Greek concept which is a celebration of the good times that are had when people come together and commune.