Sabina is Ibiza’s Most Exclusive Property, and We’ve Got Your Entry Covered

Boundary-pushing architecture, the island’s most coveted restaurant reservation, and a luxe clubhouse oasis are not to miss

In the midst of 2020, when the world was in various stages of the lockdown, the founders of Sabina in Ibiza were able to permeate the grip of the pandemic to open the doors to its 17-hectare private villa community, making a massive mark in the definition of luxury and exclusivity in Ibiza.

A collection of 13, 5-star villas—an amount which will increase to 50 over the next two phases of development—Sabina is part private enclave and part chic destination.

Its seduction is born in part due to its elusiveness. It’s not a hotel in that villas can only be rented if the owners want to do so, and even still, a stay on the property can only be made through the Sabina rental team, who vet the process. While this makes Sabina incredibly exclusive, it’s also just within reach as a booking at The Sabina Clubhouse Restaurant, one of Ibiza’s hottest reservations, is attainable. That is, if you are friends and family of the island, if the restaurant team confirms your reservation, or if CAROLINE CONSTAS vouches for you (more on that later).

Should one find oneself in the lucky position to stay at Sabina, expect to be swathed in the epitome of design, architecture, and landscape within an ecologically minded environment of relaxation and spirituality.

According to co-founder Anton Bilton, he envisioned Sabina as a place where, “Nature, contemporary design, sustainability, and technology sit comfortably together in a luxurious environment.” Bilton and his partners, Glyn Hirsch and Agustín del Pino, have succeeded at executing this vision as Sabina was awarded a Certificate of Excellence from BREEAM, a global authority on sustainability, while one of its villas is in the top five residential projects in the world in the BREEAM ECO awards.

Each villa is bespoke so no two are the same, but two threads run through them. First, each has awe-inspiring views of both the Mediterranean and the mountains; and second, they are all contemporary in design, some even pushing the boundaries of residential architecture.

Every villa sits on large plots of farmland that peer out onto Ibiza’s west coast, making the landscape a perfect canvas to showcase each home’s striking architecture. Some are a dramatic play in symmetry, linear perspective and parallelism, while others are more experimental and have roofs with large, smooth bumps. One villa, awash in sandstone tones, features multi-sized, square windows built into the tiered, rectangular blocks that comprise its body and is reminiscent of the homes of the Pueblo tribes in New Mexico. Through the drama of their architecture, each villa, in their sheer white colors or neutral tones, still folds into the natural beauty of Ibiza which surrounds them.

At the center of it all is the Clubhouse, an amalgamation of spiritual retreat, adult playground, child-friendly recreation, and general lounging space. It houses the Sabina Bar and Restaurant known for its world-class cuisine, the subterranean Sabina Spa, a library, a bowling alley and acts as the centerpiece to the community and its surrounding areas such as the pool, lawns, tennis courts, and the temple. As a finishing touch, the space is adorned with art at every turn from newcomers and established mainstays alike such as blue-chip artist, Sir Antony Gormley.

The Clubhouse decor joins together acts of art deco seen in the mint-teal barstools at the circular bar, with hyper-modernism such as the curved, off-white sofas which resemble adjoined ladyfingers. These blend together with classic island-chic seen in the teak-colored wood which is the basis for everything from wooden awnings to the ceiling fans.

While exclusivity is the name of the game at Sabina, we’ve got you covered. To land coveted access to the clubhouse and restaurant, just mention CAROLINE CONSTAS when emailing the concierge or restaurant to let them know you are friends and family.

For villa rentals please contact, and for restaurant
bookings please contact,
and remember to mention CAROLINE.