Our Top Six Senses Properties From Around the World

Meet the hotel chain that defined the sustainable and wellness-led luxury holiday

When Six Senses launched in 1995, it was a novel concept in the world of hospitality as the hotel reimagined the concept of luxury with the idea to take guests from their lives of hyperconnectivity and embed them in a world of wellness, sustainability, and consciousness. This made Six Senses one of the first purpose-driven luxury hotel chains in the world. As per its namesake, the hotel group achieves this by surrounding guests with a sensory experience that goes beyond the physical. Found in locations that are far-removed, yet easy to access, almost 20 years later Six Sense’s value-driven philosophy has turned them into the world’s most sensual, ecological, and--quite simply--breathtaking collection of retreats in the world. Read on to discover our six favorite Six Senses properties the world over.


Suspended on a cliff almost 70 meters above the Indian Ocean, the centerpiece of life at Six Senses Uluwatu, Bali is the surreal view over the uniterruperd expanse of water. From a restaurant which lives on a deck that hangs over the ocean, to movie nights where the screen hovers above the horizon, to the ocean vantages from each suite’s tub or private pool, this property is all about this visual integration with the ocean.

Like all Six Senses properties, this one in Bali consists of uncompromising suites and villas that center around wellness and connection to the culture around it. It lives near one of the six key temples believed to be one of Bali’s spiritual pillars which dates back to about the 10th century. In addition to enjoying its locally-inspired cuisine, participating in various wellness events, or indulging in specialty treatments at the spa, the hotel will arrange visits to destinations on the island, sightseeing excursions, and cultural events in addition to sports like surfing and underwater activities. If none of this suits your fancy, there are always the spectacular sunsets which never, ever disappoint.


Another Six Senses property where panoramic ocean views act as the backdrop, but this one rich with a jungle vibe, the Samui location sits on 20 acres high above the Gulf of Thailand and offers sweeping views of the water and the surrounding islands.

A collection of 66 luxury villas, many of which have private pools, the room design is created with the inspiration of a Thai fishing village and achieves this aesthetic through a marriage of rich, teak-colored woods for the decks and furniture, pitched thatch-like roofs which match the local architecture, all of which is accented with clean, sharp whites of the walls or the mosquito netting around the bed which drips with nostalgia and romance. To fold in the lush jungle vibe of the island, there is a smattering of key-lime green in the rooms seen in the upholstery on chaise lounges and sofas.

Like all Six Senses properties, sustainability is a key value and the results of these efforts earned this property a Green Globe benchmark in 2006 for water saving, waste recycling, community commitment, community contributions, paper products and non-harmful pesticide products.

Which is why in addition to experiences like scuba diving, island hopping, sunset boat rides, cooking classes, and intimate dining options on a private deck above the sea, guests are also invited to take part in environmentalist activities like temple and beach clean-ups.

Of course, guests are never alone in planning these activities as at the Six Senses in Samui, as each guest has a personal GEM (Guest Experience Maker) who is there to organize any, and every, activity a guest might desire.

The wellness concept at the Six Senses, Kaplankaya, Turkey is based firmly in the country’s own perspectives on self-care and health. This means guests are treated to a 10,000 square foot spa where the use of water and heat towards healthy rejuvenation are cornerstone to its offerings. In line with Turkish traditions, the spa boasts hammams, steam rooms, ice rooms, hydrothermal areas, and an indoor-heated pool which exists in addition to classes like spinning, yoga and pilates and complemented by multiple organic dining options. There is even a medical spa for in-depth health assessments.

This property is ensconced by gorgeous elements of the natural world, with the land on one side around it filled with olive trees, cypresses, evergreens, and rugged rocks that provide ledges for for incomparable vistas, while the sea it faces on the other side offers views of its golden, private beaches and the soft waves of the turquoise sea.


The Six Senses Zighy Bay in Oman embraces the rugged terrain within which it lives and, as such, has embedded itself within it to create a jewel property which honors its desert surroundings through gently weaving itself within the landscape for a surreal experience.

Surrounded by desert, jagged mountain peaks, and massive rock formations all of which live around the powder beaches bordering the emerald-green waters of the bay, this Six Senses property is for those who crave an environment unlike any other.

As with all the Six Senses properties, this one offers once-in-a-lifetime private dining experiences, the height of wellbeing treatments at the spa, and spectacular pool-villas for a memorable stay, although this property is laced with adventure inspired by the awe-inspiring landscape around it.

From challenging hikes to hand-line fishing, to paragliding and microlight adventures at the helm of the world’s most maneuverable aircraft, this property provides guests with endless opportunities to redefine the luxury hotel experience for the modern adventurer.


Having been closed for much of the pandemic, the newly-reopened Six Senses Duoro Valley in Portugal used the down time to renovate and reinvent the property. When guests return to this hotel, they will be treated to an updated spa, a gym fitted with all the latest state-of-the-art equipment, and the full remodel of its Open Kitchen restaurant.

Located within a world UNESCO heritage site of the Douro Valley, this property is part rustic retreat, contemporary enclave, and European country home which overlooks the region's vast vineyards and the Douro River.

The combination of elements are experienced via bike rides through the vineyard’s winding, gravel paths or through trails in the nearby wooded areas which end with a private picnic in the forest, or just by simply walking around the building’s stairs and courtyards paved with massive pieces of untamed stone reminiscent of a 19th-century European castle. The icing on the cake is the contemporary design of the rooms which blend together Six Senses’s natural aesthetic and the Duoro Valley landscape with a slick taste of the modern. This combination of design ideas earned the resort the  Best Achievement in Design award by Virtuoso in 2017.

This property is known for its spa which features treatments that meld together nature with Portuguese wellness traditions of water, stone and wood and marries these elements into 10 immense treatment rooms lined with floor-to-ceiling windows that join the interior world with the stunning landscape of the exterior one.

Another indulgent aspect of Six Senses Duoro Valley is that the wine region within which is lives is among the oldest in the world, and as such the hotel’s Wine Directors and Sommeliers have carefully-selected a range of premium, organic and biodynamic wines which pair symbiotically with the local and wholesome regional flavors offered in its restaurants.


This property is considered amongst the most exclusive amongst the Six Sense’s portfolio by sheer nature of how undiscovered Bhutan is as a destination, making the Six Senses Bhutan one that is steeped with the value of discovery.

A hotel unlike any other in the world, the Six Senses Bhutan is not one property at all; it is a collection of five properties called lodges designed to offer vastly different Bhutanese experiences. Guests can stay at one, or all, of the lodges called Paro, Punakha, Thimphu, Gangtey and Bumthang which are spread around the country and offer everything from the Himalayan Mountain high experience to low, riverside encounters.

They call this access to the five lodges the ‘Six Senses Journey’ which takes places across Bhutan’s most important valleys and gives guests the opportunity to engage with landscapes that are as far-reaching as lush tropical plains in the south to the sub-alpine Himalayan mountains in the north. The geographical differences between these lodges is so vast that the climate differs from one to the other, like the Punakha Lodge which sits amongst rice fields having the warmest temperature of all the properties or the Thimphu lodge perched at 7,710 feet whose climate is considerably cooler.

It’s difficult to encapsulate the magnitude of these properties into a few words, although it can easily be said they have been located at key places around the country in order to offer guests an opportunity to truly understand this nation which is still so undiscovered.

Some of the journey’s offered include visits to Bhutanese dzongs and temples like Simtoka Dzong (the first in Bhutan and a highlight for appreciators of art), or hikes through the untouched landscapes like the Dochula Pass with its awe-inspiring views of Himalayan peaks. A highlight of any itinerary is a hike to Taktsang Goemba, Tiger’s Nest Monastery, through pine forests that are colourfully decorated with moss and prayer flags.

At any of the five lodges, the lead-in room is a one-bedroom suite and ranges up to 1,2, and 3 bedroom villas. As to be expected of Six Senses, integration with nature, wellness, and sustainability combined with jaw-dropping views from each lodge is de rigueur.