A New Age In Old-World Members Clubs On Fifth Avenue

The New York Outpost of Fasano Has Opened And Its Marvelous

The world of member clubs has been on an extraordinary voyage over the decades. In our parents’ eras they were well-serviced, cushy spaces to enjoy a certain type of lifestyle outside of home. Then came the Soho House era which ushered in speciality clubs targeted at younger or more diverse audiences and specific niches.

Now enter Fasano.

The new private members club from Brazil which has taken up residence on a prestigious strip of 5th avenue between 62nd and 63rd streets aims to resurrect the golden era of members clubs and offers a contemporary cradle of sumptuous luxury at one of the most prestigious addresses in the world.

Fasano hardly came out of nowhere. It is, in part, inspired by the Fasano Hotel in São Paulo, a sister property of the club. The hotel is admired the world over for being the ultra-chic intersection of high Brazilian mid-century design, local São Paulo swagger, decadent gastronomy and impeccable drinks, all shared with service to match. It’s an equation that has resulted in the birth of their own unique recipe for glamour, built with a Brazilian twist. The parent company of both the hotel and club, JHSF, has been in the hospitality, gastronomy, retail and real estate businesses since the early 70s and has invested $150 million into this 36,000 square foot New York city blue-chip property.

The club resides in a former five-story 18th century townhome which over the course of four years and under the leadership of renowned architect Thierry W. Despont, JHSF transformed into the exclusive space that exists today. It was no small feat—this was the first new residential construction to take place on this gold coast of Fifth Avenue in nearly 100 years.

Fasano is, indeed, more than a club. It is also a residential property with an exclusive private members hotel which comprises seven clubhouse suites and two, large three-bedroom apartments (the latter are each about 3,600 square feet in size). These rooms are only able to be rented by members or invited guests. The rooms are rich but also occupy that subtle space that is sumptuous yet comfortable. Although, there was no detail spared. The walls are covered in Loro Piano cashmere and the floors are finished in impeccably laid herringbone.

Once inside, members are enveloped into this discreet environment which is decorated with lush materials such velvets in mustard and leathers in French blue which decorate the Baretto, the club’s seven table restaurant. The overall palette of the property does skew dark, with walls in the restaurant a deep shade of dijon which are met with heavy blue drapery, and the reception desk at the lobby is a black lacquer-like material with geometric gold detail.

As for the membership benefits, there is a fitness center, spa and sauna all onsite. Members will also have access to renting the apartments and suites, unlimited access to concierge and lifestyle management services 24 hours a day, local and international packaging and delivery services, private shopping appointments with fashion partner brands, VIP access to Christie’s top auctions and pre-sale events, as well as other privileges.