Stylist Bettina Looney Is a Fashion Girl’s Dream

Stylist Bettina Looney is a fashion girl’s dream. Her looks are feminine and classic, yet she always puts a spin on her style through bright colors, voluminous shapes, and unexpected pairings. She does all this through new and vintage pieces alike, and has become somewhat of a celebrity when it comes to vintage fashion. This combination of glamour, edge, one-of-a-kind pieces and feminine flair has earned her the accolade of being named as part of the Best Wardrobes in Britain list.

We caught up with Bettina and asked her all about what she does, where she started, what makes her fashion clock tick, and--of course--why she loves CAROLINE CONSTAS.

Tell us about the arc of your career, where did you start and where have you landed?
I worked for a personal shopping company for two and a half years, and then I set up my own company afterwards when I was ready for something different and to do something on my own. I wanted my venture to be boutique, small and bespoke and I decided to specialize in full wardrobe refreshes, the creation of seasonal wardrobes for our clients, styling edits and the sourcing of any pieces our clients are after. We also resell our clients’ pieces which allows us to recirculate that fashion. It’s amazing to be able to offer this service so we can take pieces off their hands, but also because we put a percentage of the sales towards charity.
When you are shopping for vintage pieces, how do you know what is worth buying?
If I find anything from the 80’s with a nice shoulder and structured silhouette, count me in! I love buying vintage pieces because I always tend to see these are the pieces that are the longest standing in my wardrobe.

If you were to describe your style, what would that be?
I would say a little more on the glam side and very 80s, and I enjoy having a more feminine style because I realize I’m the most confident in more feminine silhouettes. Before, I would hold back and wear things that didn’t suit my body or me, but now, I’m not afraid to be a bit bolder with what I’m wearing.
What do you love about what you do?
Working with the incredible clients that we have had for so many years now, I would say the relationships we have built is also one of my favourite parts about what we do. I love the incredible women we have grown to know and are so honoured to be able to work with on the personal shopping side of the business. These women inspire my team and I each and every day! It is something that’s been very important to me from the very beginning of my career, this type of relationship-building with inspiring women.

What do you love about the CAROLINE CONSTAS brand?
One thing I love about the brand is the feminine silhouettes that she consistently embraces throughout her collections! The floral prints and puffy sleeves are something I love in my wardrobe and I know I can find so much of this in Caroline's pieces There is also such a summery feeling to Caroline's clothing which is perfect for the weather in Miami.