Provence the Way it Was Intended

The Hotel Crillon le Brave is the Ultimate South of France Sanctuary
When one thinks of Provence in the summer, what instantly comes to mind are rolling lavender fields, endless afternoons sipping rose within charming villages, or aimless bicycle rides through winding gravel paths. Indeed, this is the core of the Provencal experience, although there is also the reality that during the summer months the region is host to much of the world’s tourism.
The Hotel Crillon le Brave, in its keen desire to present the pure and unadulterated experience of the region, has created a sanctuary that gives guests an intimate, retreat-like experience to bring to life the beauty and innocence of Provence.
A collection of only 16 rooms and 18 suites, stepping onto this property is like stepping onto a small, private, medieval castle which embraces and envelops guests from the moment they arrive. It’s been designed based on emotion, to evoke it in guests, but also to channel the feeling of awe and transport the owners felt when they first laid eyes on the property.

This is why so much care and thought has been placed on every corner and aspect of Hotel Crillon le Brave, in order for guests to experience Provence the way it was meant to be—idyllic, dream-like, relaxing, and elegant.
Each room has been created in its own unique style and is decorated with one-of-a-kind antiques and pieces sourced carefully for beauty and aesthetic alignment. While each room may be different in terms of specific design, there are common threads throughout the rooms that tie them together with the property. Among these threads are the use of natural materials such as wood and heavy doses of linen, an emphasis on art (particularly life-size pieces in the rooms), stunning terracotta floors, double bathtubs in most instances, and of course generous placement of lavender bouquets throughout. Each room also boasts magnificent views of the surrounding landscape as the hotel sits nestled high within the gentle hills.
Where the room design excels is through its incredibly subtle eye towards modernism. While the decor is rich and traditional through overstuffed pillows and significant drapery, these elements are lightened with the linear quality of the art frames and art choices, or benches and chairs that have an almost mid-century modern influence.
This combination of elements means that while the Hotel Crillon le Brave has an authentic fortress vibe, it’s still fresh, clean and sleek.
Of course, the culinary offerings are in line with one would expect of one of Condé Nast’s top hotels in France, as are the experiences on offer such as bike rides through the countryside, picturesque rural picnics, walks in lavender fields, and wine tastings with a sommelier. However, the hotel also offers yoga retreats, visits to local markets, vintage car outings, and art based tours to understand the inspirations of the region on the greats like Cézanne and Van Gogh.

Not to be missed is spa time at the Hotel Crillon le Brave. The intimate sanctuary is built within the arches of the former 18th century stone stables and offers a sense of almost subterranean disconnection and immersion unique to anywhere else in the world.