At Banyan Tree Mayakoba, The East Meets Mexico

Meet This Tranquil Escape Along the Jewel Toned Caribbean

Built within charming canals, a lush jungle, and the turquoise waters of the Riviera Maya, The Banyan Tree Mayakoba is an East-Asian inspired escape designed to ensconce guests within an otherworldly hospitality experience. Set inside Mayakoba, a discreet, gated enclave which contains only three other hotel properties, an air of tranquil exclusivity is the first feeling to wash over guests when they enter the property.

Then, guests are treated to a collection of villas and suites which bring together said East Asian aesthetic and Mexican culture in a design sensibility that effortlessly achieves serenity. Through the use of dark woods in elements such as tables, wall trim, and furniture these deep earth tones are juxtaposed next to the creamiest of whites which make up the bedding, accent chairs and sofas. Then, the hotel’s East-Asian inspiration comes through in subtle ways such as latticed lampshades and intricately carved room screens.

As this property is all suites or villas, each guest room is extraordinarily spacious and features a private deck and pool. For unsurpassed tranquility, we recommend booking a room that faces the lagoon to experience the unique sensation of being cradled by the jungle.

To make a trip to Banyan Tree Mayakoba unforgettable, plan a welcome meal of fresh seafood with the hotel’s private chef to await you in-room upon arrival. Also not to be missed are its indulgent baths, especially the honey rose milk bath. Baths are prepared in each room’s private outdoor tub and are decorated with rose petals, accented with champagne and served with snacks—all to be enjoyed under the stars.

During the days, beach time comes easily here and can be accessed through the Sands Beach Club which is a quick, picturesque walk away from the main property through the lush golf course. Or enjoy a languid bike ride which can be taken on each guest’s personal bike that comes as part of every room. These bikes are a relaxing way to experience the property over one of its many trails within and outside the Banyan Tree resort. Find yourself on the nature trail which connects this hotel to its Mayakoba neighbors and take it to the Aqui Me Quedo restaurant at the Rosewood for the ultimate fish tacos at the beach or a sublime dinner experience on the sand.

Of course, there is no need to leave the Banyan Tree Mayakoba at all if this is what is desired, especially when it comes to dining at Saffron, the hotel’s traditional Thai food restaurant, which is sure to delight all your culinary senses.