An Unparalleled Stay in the Heart of Mallorca

The Hotel Sant Francesc Defines Excellence
The Hotel Sant Francesc in Palma de Mallorca, Spain seems to have won every travel award for excellence out there. A visually spectacular hotel that brings together high-design, art, and comfort this hotel holds guests in a sensory experience at every turn. From the bold, graphic lobby to the sleek lines of the rooftop pool to the gastronomic offers of the restaurant, Hotel Sant Francesc gives its visitors a unique Mallorcan experience. 
It begins in reception, where light, airiness and geometry inspire awe at the space. A massive curved window makes up one of the walls while stone columns bring a feeling of the old world. It’s the various lines and textures that intersect with dramatic pieces of art which make this room outstanding–think bold, oversized black and white tiles that meet dark slats of wood set in a herringbone pattern all of which are bordered in cool, gray marble. Guest rooms are equally as cool and smart, finished in a neutral palette which cover plush furnishings and sleek accents. 
This hotel is the perfect complement to a stay in Mallorca, which is the largest of the Balearic Islands. The waters and beaches of this island offer varied terrain from white sand beaches and turquoise waters to rocky coves and inlets, as well as a part of the sea that is completely transparent in the Sierra de la Tramuntana. Of course, because of its island geography, seafood is part of the delights of this island’s gastronomy. 
Although, one of the more interesting things to discover in Mallorca is its wine culture. Basically, Mallorca hasn’t produced wine since the Roman Empire when Mallorcan wines were considered amongst the best in the region. However, in recent times, there has been a concerted effort to revive the island’s vineyards and produce wines of the highest quality which use a combination of indigenous grapes as well as international ones. This old-world-meets new wine revival makes the exploration of Mallorca’s vineyards an exciting experience for wine lovers.