Escape Into the Southwest at The Auberge’s New Hotel, Bishop’s Lodge

the new property is the perfect incarnation of traditional and modern ideas of Santa Fe

This month, The Auberge Resorts will continue its journey of creating one-of-a-kind, world-class hospitality experiences that transport, awe, and inspire with the opening of its Bishop’s Lodge property in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

This new hotel manages to perfectly meld the codes of the Old Southwest with the modernism of contemporary design, all while keeping the heart of this special former retreat alive and well. The careful preservation from its past life to its new one is executed in a multitude of ways, some of which are existing buildings given a smart Auberge update or the addition of new structures created in authentic regional style.
Rooms take on subtle tones of slate and tan whether by the stone that makes up the floors in some of the suites or the pueblo-style fireplaces seen throughout many of the guest rooms. This cleanliness of palette is accented with bold, regional prints in bright, often primary, colors which appear on throw pillows and blankets.

True to the region, there is a heavy emphasis on wood throughout the property which manifests in expected ways, like the beams which run across the ceilings in the guest rooms or the awnings made of wood over the verandas. But it also appears in unexpected ways, like a headboard in a guest room created of white wooden branches set in an asymmetrical pattern or a massive wooden frame carved with flowers that encases a vanity in a bathroom.
Situated on an expansive 317-acre property, Bishop’s Lodge uses its land as a bridge between the nature within which it sits (it abuts the Santa Fe National Forest) and the town of Santa Fe just moments away. Santa Fe, a small, but lively, city is known for its heritage of art and crafts and as such Bishop’s Lodge embraces this value by adorning guest rooms and public areas with works. More notably, though, this commitment to the arts scene of Santa Fe is seen in the property’s own art gallery which showcases works from local artists.

The real heart and soul of this property, and what makes it such a special place to visit, is its horse culture. Staying true to the outback soul of the region, Bishop’s Lodge has a massive stable and plenty of surrounding land to enjoy on horseback where guests are invited to indulge in rides that can last up to an entire day through private trails only for hotel guests.

Bishop’s Lodge is, indeed, the new Old Southwest.