The unique combination of cotton candy colors and Caribbean sophistication give Anguilla’s Malliouhana resort a unique island identity all its own.

The 63-room property is situated on 25 acres that sit on a secluded bluff overlooking the sea. Its unique color palette of mint, mango and saffron is an exercise of playful restraint that offers guests a vibe that defies the traditional ideas of tropical interior design (which relies mainly on jungle greens and rich pinks). Instead, the pastel palette—which is executed in stripes everywhere, from thick yellow and white striped carpets to saffron and white striped chair cushions—bring into the hotel’s interiors the sun’s golden hues and the ocean’s azure blues to create an symbiotic relationship between Malliouhana and its environment.

Malliouhana opened in 1984 as the island’s first luxury hotel, and for the first time in the country’s history, Anguilla saw itself become a destination for the international jet-set with its opening. It immediately provided the most important things a seasoned traveler would expect of a secluded island retreat: intimacy, exclusivity, beauty, and luxury. Building on these key foundations, the Malliouhana added world-class cuisine, unique experiences and a one-of-a-kind rooms that live within its spectacular setting which result in a combination that dazzles guests time and again.

The rooms have the feeling of minimalist mini-island casas. They’re open and spacious, light and breezy, and sparse yet rich. The decor leans heavily towards island chic (bright white beds and delicate bamboo accents), with a mix of bold prints and some Middle-Eastern influences. Given the hotel’s high cliffside perch, each room’s private terrace is a gateway for a fresh ocean breeze.

While Anguilla itself has a small airport, most get there via St Maarten, as it’s the closest route directly to the hotel--St Maarten has a larger airport with more direct flights from more cities. From there, it’s only a seven minute air transfer or 25-minute boat ride to get to Malliouhana.

The property boasts three restaurants, including the first fine-dining restaurant on the island, three white sand beaches and a spa that is set within the magical realm of a tropical garden. The crown jewel of the property is the massive two-tier infinity pool, which sounds just like its name—one infinity pool stacked one step up from another. It’s adorned with bright yellow loungers and yellow ruffled umbrellas which add a graphic pop to the blue hues of the pool and ocean.

When not floating about in the pool or relaxing during treatments at the spa, Malliouhana has experiences to remember. Among the most notable of them is the Catch N’ Cook excursion, which takes place at sea where guests experience Anguilla’s expansive reefs and coves by boat, while fishing for their supper—later prepared by the Malliouhana culinary team.

To top it off, wellness is a strong value for Malliouhana and it uses the property’s magnificent location as a backdrop to a myriad of classes to help keep guests tip-top, from beachfront yoga to beach volleyball to bootcamp classes and pilates, held on the bluff overlooking the ocean.