Vancouver is a gorgeous place! Tell us a bit more about it and what you like about it.

I actually live in Vancouver~ I absolutely love living on the West Coast because I love the ocean & the mountains. Vancouver is the best city because it is a perfect mix of urban living (cool restaurants & shops) but also offers so many ways to get out and enjoy the outdoors to run, hike, ski, snowboard, hike, swim & bike.

What are your beauty and health secrets that keep your energy up and skin glowing when you travel

I do travel often and so with all of the dry airplane air & hotel air conditioning, I make sure to hydrate my skin constantly and bring hydrating masks with me wherever I go (I am loving the Summer Friday Mask & The Chanel Eye patches). I also try my best to wear very little makeup to keep my skin clear & always load up with sunscreen.

Can you describe your personal style and share any inspiration behind it all?

My style is romantic boho - I love clothing that makes you feel beautiful (ahem, Caroline Constas!) while letting you be free and comfortable at the same time.

What are your 5 wardrobe essentials? Some things that you can never live without?

White dress, denim jacket, linen dresses, big sunglasses & delicate gold jewels (perfect on tanned skin paired with a white dress)

If you could choose to have one supernatural power, what would it be?

TO FLY! I have always dreamt about how amazing it would be to fly, and also - what a time saver for travel :)